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GDPR-TEXT.COM is an interactive GDPR handbook with the text of the Regulation in 17 languages (official texts and translations), as well as article-by-article commentary, explanations from supervisory authorities and important cases.

A new and more accurate Russian translation has been published on the website, as well as an official Ukrainian translation.

The Russian translation was made with all 4 official languages of the European Union (English, Polish, French and German) taken into account by a team of data privacy professionals: S. Voronkevich, A. Boguslavskaya, P. Lozovenko, I. Chernysheva, S. Radyno, S. Golovneva. The project was edited and supervised by Siarhei Varankevich CIPP/E, CIPM, CIPT, MBA, FIP, as well as GDPR coach and advisor.

The mapping of articles and recitals is based on the publication by the British Supervisory Authority (ICO).

Here you will find:

  • A more accurate and clear Russian translation of the GDPR. The Data Privacy Office team has been working hard on this task for over 2 years. Shortcomings of all previously published translations have been taken into account.
  • The terminology in the translation is chosen to be as correct and as close to the original as possible: e.g:
    • “процессор” instead of the “обработчик”,
    • “контролёр” instead of a “контроллер”,
    • “легитимный интерес” instead of “законный интерес”,
    • “ограничение цельЮ” instead of “ограничения целИ”, etc.
  • The text is tabulated in such a way to show the original in the official EU language next to the translation. There is also a switch for multiple languages. Up to three languages can be displayed at the same time.
  • Under the articles or paragraphs, there are references to cases and guidelines by the supervisory authorities (including the most recent ones on data protection by design)
  • Comments and explanations (more on this soon).
  • Pop-up prompts with definitions of terms from article 4.
  • Mapping of recitals not only to articles but also to individual paragraphs within articles. You can open and read the desired recital without leaving the page.

Creation history

GDPR Text is a project of Data Privacy Office, led by company founder, coach and leading GDPR consultant – Siarhei Varankevich CIPP/E, CIPM, CIPT, MBA, FIP.


About Data Privacy Office

 Data Privacy Office is an international consulting and coaching company that aligns IT products with global privacy standards.

1.International experience

Team members have experience working on privacy projects in companies around the world – in Germany, the USA, Canada, Russia and Ukraine.

2. Specialisation in GDPR

The sheer volume of regulations and standards, the complexity of managerial processes, and the complexity of software solutions require narrow specialisation. Therefore, Data Privacy Office’s main and sole focus is privacy and personal data protection.

3. Expert recognition

Data Privacy Office team has specialists with international professional certifications – CIPP, CIPM, CIPT, TUV.

4. Internationality

Data Privacy Office is a multinational and multicultural company. It is therefore easier to find a common language with businesses all over the world – employees speak English, German, French and Russian.

5. Efficiency

We assess the risks for a specific product and build a bespoke strategy – the fastest and most effective. You don’t have to waste resources on unnecessary and low-priority tasks.

How can we help with GDPR?

1. Implementation of GDPR

A systematic implementation programme for the protection of personal data in accordance with the international ISO 27701 standard. Suitable for IT start-ups, banks and fintech companies. This is an opportunity to delegate the task of bringing your business into GDPR-compliance to us. In our work we use our unique methodology, which is based on the experience of solved privacy cases of various specifics and levels of complexity.

2. Outsourced specialists

  • Outsourcing of DPO (personal data protection officer) – the company gets an experienced and competent professional who is able to deal with GDPR-related issues promptly and correctly and, just as importantly, to take responsibility for them.
  • Outsourced Privacy Engineering Team – an established team for privacy-friendly product development consisting of a GDPR certified expert, a software architect and, if necessary, one or more programmers.

3. Preparation of documents

  • Data Processing Agreement – a legally binding contract specifying the rights and obligations of the controller and processor in relation to the protection of personal data.
  • Standard Contractual Clauses – the standard contractual clauses required to formalise cross-border data transfers.
  • Privacy notice (policy) is a public document that explains what personal data is processed by the company and whom it is shared with.
  • Legitimate Interests Assessment – an assessment of a company’s legitimate interests to ensure legitimate processing.
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment – a systematic and comprehensive analysis of data processing to identify and minimise data protection risks.

4. Training and coaching

  • Data Privacy Professional comprehensive and fundamental knowledge of the intricacies of dealing with GDPR regulations. Answers the question: “What to do for GDPR-compliance”.
  • Data Privacy Manager an immersion in the coordination and organisational aspects of GDPR Compliance. Answers the question: “How to set objectives and manage a team when implementing a GDPR-compliance project”.
  • Privacy by Design is a strategic approach to implementing the principles of designed privacy in IT products under development. We give an action plan on how to design a system according to Privacy by Design.
  • CIPP/E coaching – preparing for the international CIPP/E exam under the guidance of certified experts.

5. Other services

  • Audit – we conduct external and internal audits of projects, processes or individual processing operations for GDPR compliance.
  • Personal data register – we identify the movement of personal data in the company and make an inventory of it.
  • GDPR gap analysis finding gaps in the handling of personal data and analysing risks.
  • Data mapping – identifying the scope of work to implement GDPR, stakeholders and risks to the organisation.

Have a question about GDPR? Contact us and we will help!