GDPR > Стаття 31. Співпраця із наглядовим органом
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Стаття 31 GDPR. Співпраця із наглядовим органом

Article 31 GDPR. Cooperation with the supervisory authority

Контролер і оператор та, за необхідності, їхні представники, повинні співпрацювати, на запит, з наглядовим органом у виконанні своїх завдань.

The controller and the processor and, where applicable, their representatives, shall cooperate, on request, with the supervisory authority in the performance of its tasks.

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ISO 27701

(EN) ISO/IEC 27701, adopted in 2019, added a requirement additional to ISO/IEC 27001, section 4.2.

Here is the relevant paragraph to article 31 GDPR:

5.2.2 Understanding the needs and expectations of interested parties

The organization shall include among its interested parties (see ISO/IEC 27001:2013, 4.2), those parties having interests or responsibilities associated with the processing of PII, including the PII principals.

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